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A parte do mundo que me pertence

(The Part of the World That Belongs to Me)

Dir: Marcos Pimentel   -   2017 - 84'

Documentary about dreams and desires of ordinary people, about fuels that move us daily: happiness, recognition, financial stability, marriage, health, fun, a few pounds less, enjoyment, overcoming or even a simple and humble kite. Anonymous in search of their little everyday desires. A work on minimal private spheres that reveals that part of the greatness of the human being resides in the subtleties of his small gestures. An intimate and committed look at what we are, from sun to sun, behind the walls and roofs of a city.


Melhor Filme - Première Brasil: NOVOS RUMOS LONGA - Festival do Rio, 2017, Melhor Longa Documentário - 2º Indian World Film Festival (Índia, 2018), menção honrosa - 4º Pirenópolis DOC (Brasil, 2018).



Exibido no Festival do Rio – Première Brasil: NOVOS RUMOS LONGA (Rio de Janeiro, 2017), 16º Festival Primeiro Plano (Juiz de Fora, 2017), Mostra Cinema e Resistência (Fortaleza, 2017), Mostra do Filme Livre (RJ, SP e Brasília, 2018), EDOC (Equador, 2018), 2º Indian World Film Festival (Hyderabad/Índia, 2018), 4º Pirenópolis DOC (Brasil, 2018). Exibido em emissoras de TV de 15 países da América Latina.

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